Início Acidentes Passageiro filma queda de avião no Havai do interior do avião! Que...

Passageiro filma queda de avião no Havai do interior do avião! Que calma….


Passageiro filma queda de avião no Havai do interior do avião! Que calma…. 

Vídeo dramático da queda de um avião, filmado por um dos passageiros. É preciso mesmo muita calma para ter este comportamento numa situação como esta.

Segue o texto original da notícia em Inglês:

Dramatic video of a plane crash that killed a woman off the coast of Hawaii last month shows the moment of impact and an orderly evacuation of the fuselage by passengers, who used plane debris to stay afloat as they waited to be rescued.

Passenger Ferdinand Puentes, 39, was on the 2002 Cessna Grand Caravan and captured the footage of passengers' bracing for impact moments before the plane crashed into the water Dec. 11.

The plane departed from Molokai, Hawaii, bound for Honolulu with nine people on board. Hawaii's state health director, Loretta Fuddy, 65, was the only fatality.

Survivor: Hawaii Plane Crash 'Like Instant Brakes'

"We heard a bang," passenger Jacob Key told ABC News affiliate KITV-TV. "While the thing climbed up to make a turn. Then bang, that's it."

Puentes continued to keep the camera rolling after the crash as the fuselage immediately filled with water. "Just as soon as he opened the door, water just rushed and filled our feet up to our ankles," Puentes told ABC News.

In the video, the passengers can be seen making their way out calmly.

"There wasn't panic or anything. It was very orderly. It wasn't like any of the movies or the TV shows," passenger C. Phillip Hollstein Jr. told The Associated Press.

Out in the water, they clung to the wings and debris of the plane with the camera still rolling.

"The water was rough. The pilot was trying to get everybody together but it was kind of impossible because of the waves," Rosa Key, another passenger, told KITV.

Terrifying Video of Hawaiian Plane Crash From Inside the Cabin [INCREDIBLE]

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